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VLog 3 Duggal HLP galeria.jpg


Come and experience our team's journey into this wonderful world of Architectural Film Making & Photography as we take you through our behind the scenes fun at shoots.

Vlog 01


Here is our first FUN vlog from a recent shoot at Renuka ji Lake, Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it. Introducing here to you are TEAM NJDC in association with Jobless Studios having fun.

VLOG 1 renuka ji.jpg

Vlog 03

UNLIKE THE LIFE OF AN ARCHITECT - Tips, Tricks & Insights - Architectural Photography

This one is an upgrade. We share some shooting insights, tips and tricks during an architectural and interiors shoot. It's a sales office designed by Subhash and Associates and is located in Mohali. Come explore this wonderful creation with us while we go around having fun at doing we do best - Create images.

VLog 3 Duggal HLP galeria.jpg

Vlog 05


So we decided to take a chill pill during a working hectic week and thought of presenting you our office environment and WHAT+WE+DO+IN+OUR+ LEISURE+ TIME. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it.

VLOG 5  thumbnail_edited.jpg

Vlog 07

NJDC ki shaadi hogyi? | Nakul & Seerat WEDDING 

Nakul Jain dot com ki shaadi mai aap sabhi ka swaagat hai!

Vlog 7 NJDC Wedding.jpg

Vlog 09

QSR Shoots - Willkomen & Residence (Patiala)

Visiting the Royal city of Punjab, PATIALA, and managing a small shoot at a QSR with one of the tastiest Cheese naan we've ever had. No we're serious, just go to Willkomen at Patiala and have their cheese naan, and appreciate the interiors done by Architecture and Interiors Firm - JBArch while you have your sumptuous meal.

Vlog 9 JBARCH Shoot_edited.jpg

Vlog 11

Ho Ja Shuru | Sample Flat Shoot at Bathinda | Chinese Platter | Hospitality Shoot | NJTV VLOG 11

By far one of the most fun shoots, with some brilliant Chinese food on a platter. Welcome to Bathinda, a not so glamourous city, but with an ardent intention of developing into one. Here we are, at TEAM NJDC delivering what we promise. Images, Films and FUN.

Vlog 11 Bathinda.jpg

Vlog 13

SOCIAL Experience - Worth it Or Not ? | NJTV VLOG 13 | Social DLF Avenue - Saket Delhi | Chai Latte

Our encounter with tall cutting chai, SOCIAL people, Delhi and it's un ending stories. The food at Social is a must go for any occasion. they just got it right. This garden theme makes us want to keep on visiting this place. Special Thanks to the marketing team at SOCIAL - Alex, Ramneek, Shambhavi, Shipra and Juhi. Also a special mention for Nisha, the Rockstar. Chief Guest for the shoot - Niharika Dawar.

Vlog 13 Social.JPG

Vlog 15

NJTV Vlog 15 | Office hai ya Hotel | Horizon Group Shoot | Interior Vlog | Unlike Architecture

Here we were shooting for Architect Subash Duggal and Associates. This is the office of Horizon group at Mohali, but the hospitality here was no less than a hotel. The people were amazing, cooperative and we had a blast.

Vlog 15-Horizon-shoot-.jpg

Vlog 17

Mishre da Munda | Chaleya CANADA | Vlog 17 | New Punjab | Farewell Team NJDC

So after a rocking tenure at NJDC, Achintya has left us for a brighter future at a modern and cleaner Punjab (CANADA) Here is a little treat from all of us here at Studio NJDC Guest Entries - Ameresh Mishra Ji, Seerat Jain

Vlog 17--achi-farewell-.jpg

Vlog 02


AND we are back with our next VLOG. This time we were shooting (or were we?) at a hospital in Punjab. This hospital is designed by The Architects Collaborative, Mohali and we had a ball going around all the spooky spaces trying to do what we do best - Create images.

Vlog 2 Neelam Hospital.jpg

Vlog 04

New member in NJDC ?

This one is another upgrade.....So No bukbuk and only Visual Power. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did while making it.

VLOG 4 OUTLINE thumbnail.jpg

Vlog 06

Why Architects should document their project?

Being an architect , Have you ever gave a thought on why should an Architect Document his/her Design after completion!! If not then this Vlog is for you.

VLog 6 suri vlog.jpg

Vlog 08

Lifestyle & Architecture Shoot at HERMITAGE (Kasauli)

After a long break, here is our Vlog of an Architecture & Lifestyle Shoot at HERMITAGE in Kasauli. Sharing our best experiences from one of the best place where you can explore nature with unique hospitality and can quench your thirst of wanderlust. This one is another upgrade. So no buk-buk and only Visual Treat..

VLog 8 hermitage_edited.jpg

Vlog 10

Chit Chat at Cafe Shubhmita Kasauli | Progress Architects | A Very Cold Shoot Day | NJTV Vlog 10

Here is a small chit chat vlog with Progress Architects and Cafe Shubhmita, a small little heritage theme based cafe in Kasauli.

Vlog 10 Shubhmita.jpg

Vlog 12

Offsite Day with NJDC ( Team ) and (Family) AMSHI | Vlog 12 | Fun with family !

To mark the year end, we all at NJDC and AMSHI decided to have an outing in the wonderful winter sun. What better than to go out into nature itself with team and family.

Vlog 12 forest hill.jpg

Vlog 14

NJTV Vlog 14 | Who is PG | Hotel Shoot BTS | Radius | ASA

And we're back with a MINI Vlog of a shoot done for Architect Suri and Associates. Special Thanks for Priya Gupta AKA PG for the lovely and informative walkthrough of the Hotel Interiors

Vlog 14 hotel radius.jpg

Vlog 16

Coffee & Pushpa | Subash Duggal and Associates | Residential Shoots with Team NJDC | NJTV Vlog 16

Here we were shooting for Architect Subash Duggal and Associates. These are residences in Panchkula and the shoot was spanned across a few days to be able to capture it in the best possible way. The hospitality at the Saini's residence was otherworldly, and the sort of enjoyment that comes having met the beautiful couple, Manish and Ankita Saini is in expressible. We'd like to go back and shoot this house all over again!

Vlog 16 Thumbnail.jpg
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